Memorial Day celebrations take place this weekend and you might be thinking about enjoying the recently warm weather on the lake. Chicago is a big city with many activities for the holidays. If you love the water and are tired of grilling and picnicking every year on Memorial Day, chartering a boat might be the perfect alternative. Chicago offers plenty of water sports and activities for the holidays, summers, or just anytime you want. So I’m going to go over three boat rentals in Chicago that might be perfect for this weekend.

1177 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60642

Dubbed the top rated gasoline boat rentals in Chicagos, Chicago Boat Rentals allows you to be your own driver, which is ideal if you’re looking for a private party with your own captain. And if you’re in the mood for a drink, you can either BYOB drinks and snacks or rental can provide them. They also offer two options of boat, pontoons or a yacht. Pontoons do not require a captain, which means that you are the driver (as long as you are 21 and over and have a valid driver’s license) and are very easy to drive. Chicago Boat Rentals will even train the operator so they know exactly how to operate the boat. Yachts require a crew and will be purchased / booked separately.

One thing to keep in mind when booking your reservation: they do not offer refunds, even if it is raining. They work even if it is raining. The only way to cancel it is if the manager judges the weather to be too dangerous. In this case, you can defer or receive a gift card. If you must reschedule, a fee of $ 20 will be issued if 48 hours before the reservation, $ 50 if 24 hours before and $ 100 if the same day.

Also, another thing to keep in mind is that if you book a pontoon they can only be driven and enjoyed on the Chicago River. The lake is too dangerous for the pontoons and can tip them over. So don’t try to be the hero because if you get caught on the lake you might get a Coast Guard ticket or a CBR fine.

As with any rental, there will be a charge if something is missing. So be sure to check them out website. If you are worried about anything, it is recommended that you purchase $ 15 insurance.

So if you want to book a boat, visit here to see your boat options and check available dates. Pontoons cost between $ 275 and $ 489 for two hours. And a yacht charter costs $ 1,200 for 3 hours on the river and $ 2,500 for 5 hours in the park / Lake Michigan. It is recommended that you visit the website to verify additional charges, if any.

Okay so this one is a little different from the previous boat rental company. Boat Setter is a business where you can search online and get in touch with boat owners to book a time to get out THEIR boat / yacht. It’s not a physical location in Chicago, it’s almost like AirBnB but for the boats. I wanted to include this because I think we all know Memorial Day is going to be busy and you might not be able to book a boat with one of the other companies. It’s a great alternative to that.

Rentals include insurance so you know you’re safe. If you do not have experience of driving a boat, it is also possible to be connected with the captain and the crews. You also do not need to be a Boat Setter “member” to be able to charter and operate the boat. To drive, you must be 25 years old, have a boatmaster account (free registration), no criminal convictions, no driving convictions and no boat insurance claims against you. Below you will also find a price breakdown of the costs associated with the rental:

Price of the boat: This is the rate that the owner sets for a reservation.

Captain’s fees: All reservations with a captain include a captain fee at checkout, unless otherwise specified (in which case the captain may request to be paid at the dock). These charges are reflected in the price of the reservation when a captain is selected.

Tenant’s service charge: A service charge is charged on each rental. Service charges are applied to the price before any coupons or credits are applied. These fees help Boatsetter provide a safer and more secure booking experience, as well as dedicated customer support throughout your rental.

Renter’s insurance costs: While all boats have rental insurance, some boats may require additional insurance to book. These fees help cover the cost of insurance.

Taxes: Some US states require Boatsetter to collect a tax for rentals made in those states.

Security deposit: A security deposit is withheld from the renter’s card to cover any accidental damage or loss of items. The hold is placed on the card 48 hours before the rental and is released 48 hours after the conclusion of the rental if no complaint has been filed.

Visit here to open a free account and see a list of boats available for booking in Chicago. There are currently 16 boats available with prices ranging from $ 185 to $ 1,800.

Click and Boat is also like Boat Setter. You can find a boat available for charter based on search criteria. Renting a private boat is ideal because you can avoid the usually crowded boat trips and find a wide range of boats, from powerboats to large catamarans to navigate in and around Chicago.

In Chicago, boat rental prices vary depending on a variety of factors. Such as the age and size of the vessel, the length and season of the rental, as well as whether any additional requests are made such as the captain, crew and water sports equipment. So when choosing the right boat for your trip, be sure to consider them to stay within your budget.

Chicago pontoon boat rentals start at $ 280/2 hours and can accommodate 8 people. Charter the largest charter catamaran in Chicago for $ 1000 / day for 13 people. Motorboat rental costs around $ 3,100 / day with 12 people on board – the perfect party boat! On Lake Michigan, the average cost of a fishing charter starts at $ 900 / day for 6 people. If you’re looking for an adventure, dive charters start at $ 130 / diver.

Visit here for a full list of boat rentals available for Memorial Day weekend.


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