Sydney [Australia], August 9 (ANI): Trade agreements are as political as economic, and a swift agreement between India and Australia is an important sign that the democratic world is moving away from China. Trade Special Envoy Tony Abbott said.

In an article published in an Australian newspaper, Abbott said: Despite being hampered by tariffs and mutual recognition, Abbott added that India is currently the seventh largest trading partner with about $ 30 billion in two-way trade annually. Do business. The two countries are currently strengthening their negotiation teams with a view to signing an “early harvest” trade agreement, at least by the end of the year, as a major step towards a deeper partnership.

He added that it would be in everyone’s interest for India to occupy its legitimate position in the country as soon as possible as the other emerging superpowers of the world became warlike almost day by day.

He said India, under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has revived the Japan-US-Australia-India strategic dialogue and the first face-to-face quad summit is scheduled by the end of the year.

“India and Australia are like-minded democracies whose relations were underdeveloped, at least until Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of India. Under Modi, India has revived the Shikoku Security Dialogue. It was the end of the year. “

“Under Modi, India invited Australia to the annual Malabar Navy exercise, which will soon be a British carrier strike group led by the new flagship HMS Queen Elizabeth of the Royal Navy, India, the United States, Japan, Australia and the Royal Navy. Includes. An impressive show of power, demonstrating a democratic commitment to the free and open Indo-Pacific, “he added.

He also said that the fundamental problem is that China’s terrifying power is the result of a free world decision to invite a communist dictatorship to the world’s trading network.

“At that time, it was assumed that prosperity and increased economic freedom would ultimately lead to political liberalization. Indeed, when China first signed a trade agreement with the G20 economy in 2014, That was my view. Then there was an export to China. It certainly grew and grew even faster than us, but the current whimsical boycott of Australian coal, barley, wine and seafood. Shows that trade is being used as a strategic weapon for the Beijing administration, “said Abbott.

China has used Western goodwill and wishful thinking to steal technology and undermine industry. And in the process, the former Soviet Union becomes an unprecedented competitor. Because it is a prestigious economy that is now rapidly developing comparable troops. According to an article published in an Australian newspaper, ruining the battle over Taiwan, the 25 million pluralist democracy proves that China’s DNA lacks a holistic gene. (ANI)

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