Tax and IT departments face an uphill battle today, with ever-changing tax rules and business changes. A Vertex Tax Engine provides a powerful solution to automate, streamline and centralize indirect taxation, so businesses can reduce risk and increase scalability.

Vertex removes tax determination from each individual transaction system and places it in a single global tax engine to support your business’s sales and purchases. It doesn’t matter how many financial systems you use.

With Vertex, indirect taxation is managed in one place, but operated in all of your business units around the world.
A Vertex Tax Engine provides robust capabilities for the end-to-end tax process.

Continuously updated tax content, maintained by the Vertex research team, supports sales, usage and value added tax; as well as industry specific content for retail, rental, restaurant and communications services.

Configurable tax rules allow you to configure your system to support your specific products and complex business needs.

Real-time address cleaning and precise jurisdiction assignment improve tax accuracy, regardless of where the transaction takes place.

Robust integrations seamlessly transmit transaction details and tax calculations between Vertex and your financial systems in real time.

Built-in tools to help you collect, track and store exemption certificates. Reports and data to automate compliance and support audit management. And options for you to deploy the fiscal engine in a way that meets your business and IT needs: in the cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid approach that combines the benefits of both.

Find out how a Vertex tax engine can help you: reduce exposure to audits, improve compliance, improve overall scalability, centralize tax management, and increase productivity.

Integrate Vertex into your financial systems today to make your end-to-end tax processes more efficient, agile and scalable. Contact Vertex today to learn more or schedule a demo.