In recent weeks, the investigation has focused on the benefits for Mr. Trump and the company Weisselberg and other executives received tens of thousands of dollars in private school tuition for one of the little ones. -children of Weisselberg, as well as rewards including rental of apartments and cars. for him and his wife. If Mr. Weisserberg had not paid taxes on that interest, he could have broken the law and exploited it when prosecutors sought help with a larger investigation into the Trump organization. Supplied.

Prosecutors, who pressured Weisselberg to resign as a long-time employer, said the Trump organization misunderstood these benefits in the company’s ledger and failed to pay any payroll tax, which should be taxable income. I checked. Usually these types of benefits are taxable. There are a few exceptions. The rules can be ambiguous.

Weisselberg’s attorney, Mary E. Mulligan, declined to comment on the investigation.

Weisserberg was not the only one to benefit from it. According to people familiar with the practice, the company offered Mercedes-Benz cars to many employees until 2018, when the company cut profits.

Mr Trump and his firm’s lawyers are already preparing to insist that the judge dismiss the indictment, and according to a person with knowledge of the case, it is in the best interests of the company that the employee does not pay no taxes. I will say that there is no evidence that this was the case.

It is unclear whether Mr. Trump will ultimately be prosecuted himself. An ongoing investigation into former President Trump’s organization has manipulated the value of this property for lucrative loans and tax incentives, people with knowledge of the matter have said.

Monday’s meeting was not the first meeting Mr. Trump’s lawyer recently had with Mr. Vance’s office. The lawyer met with a senior prosecutor on Thursday in hopes of overturning plans to indict the company, according to some people familiar with the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Mr. Trump’s private attorney, Ronald P. Fischetti. He is a former legal partner of Mark F. Pomeranz, a former federal prosecutor and defense lawyer, and the district attorney’s office has joined in leading Mr. Trump and his investigation. business.

Trump Organization Attorney Meets Manhattan District Attorney

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