In the current news, Chinese regulators have asked banks to reduce loan amounts in 2021, and Plaid has launched a new income verification tool. Additionally, Amazon Alexa can now provide users with their health data from the Halo fitness tracker.

Bubble fears prompt China to cut bank lending

Chinese regulators are asking banks to reduce loan amounts in 2021 to guard against risks that are starting to emerge from bubbles in domestic financial markets.

Plaid launches tool to streamline revenue verification

Start-up FinTech Plaid introduces Plaid Income, a product designed to streamline the income verification process, making it easier for consumers to get loans, rent apartments and more for consumers.

Amazon connects Alexa to its Halo Fitness device

Amazon’s Halo fitness tracker can now pair with Alexa smart speakers, allowing users to bypass app verification and simply ask questions about their latest body scan results or something else. health measure.

InsurTech companies take the PSPC path on Wall Street

PSPCs are popular. InsurTech firms are popular. Increasingly, the combination is found on Wall Street, but the ride may not always be smooth in volatile markets.

Western Union CFO wants to think outside the box to digitize the company

Digitizing the business is not just about improving the efficiency of the back office workflow. When executed correctly, modernization efforts can propel the overall vision for business growth. Raj Agrawal, CFO and Executive Vice President of Western Union, spoke with Karen Webster about the importance of communication, collaboration and thinking outside the box for CFOs.

FIS bets on digital wallets to change the point of sale experience

In a Masterclass with Karen Webster, Dan Brames, Executive Vice President, Head of North American Commerce, FIS, notes that the point-of-sale experience is changing, evolving into a hybrid of physical shopping with a full range of digital offerings. And that opens the doors to digital wallets – but for merchants looking to give people what they want, strategy is everything.

Square Tide Purchase: Make Waves For Sea Change Super App?

Fresh on the heels of the creation of its industrial bank, Square takes a stake in Jay-Z Tidal’s music platform. Acquisition could mean a continuum of services across a wide range of use cases. Could we see the rise of a super app?

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