Buying a home is an investment, and it gets more and more expensive. The median value of a home in the United States reached $ 295,300 in June 2020, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Homebuyers have a lot to consider when looking for a home or looking to invest in rental properties, from the state of the housing market itself to taxes and potential resale value. To learn more about home prices in your state, Stacker has compiled a list of the most expensive homes recently sold in Los Angeles, California, on

The housing market has become robust and expensive over the past decade after the 2008 recession, but the market may be slowed by rising interest rates. Such a slowdown can be good news for potential buyers, as you are more likely to bet on an otherwise overpriced home. Then there’s the house itself to consider, including what kind of maintenance it requires (and the associated costs). Depreciation affects all homes at an average rate of 3.636% each year, which can be a help in tax season if you use your home for business or rental purposes, but can cost you in income taxes later. capital gains when you sell.

During this time, the value of the land tends to increase over time depending on several factors including the location of the house and the amenities and houses nearby. More desirable neighborhoods allow sellers to charge more; the mantra “location, location, location” has never been more relevant.

Read on to find the most expensive homes for sale in your area.

10. 1369 Londonderry Pl., Los Angeles ($ 26,000,000)

  • 6 bedrooms; 8 bathrooms; 14,000 square feet; $ 1,857 per square foot (see listing on

9. 120 S Mapleton Dr., Los Angeles ($ 27,000,000)

  • 7 bedrooms; 8 bathrooms; 9,404 square feet; $ 2,871 per square foot (see listing on

8. 53 Beverly Park, Beverly Hills ($ 29,000,000)

  • 7 bedrooms; 11 bathrooms; 17,327 square feet; $ 1,673 per square foot (see listing on

7. 624 N Bonhill Rd., Los Angeles ($ 29,850,226)

  • 9 bedrooms; 14 bathrooms; 19,285 square feet; $ 1,547 per square foot (see listing on

6.334 S Burlingame Ave., Los Angeles ($ 30,000,000)

  • 7 bedrooms; 11 bathrooms; 14,371 square feet; $ 2,087 per square foot (see listing on

5. 14914 Corona del Mar, Pacific Palisades ($ 31,000,000)

  • 4 bedrooms; 3 bathrooms; 3,500 square feet; $ 8,857 per square foot (see listing on

4.330 S Mapleton Dr., Los Angeles ($ 47,694,500)

  • 6 bedrooms; 7 bathrooms; 27,816 square feet; $ 1,714 per square foot (see listing on

3.2188 Mandeville Canyon Rd., Los Angeles ($ 65,000,000)

  • 6 bedrooms; 12 bathrooms; 19,000 square feet; $ 3,421 per square foot (see listing on

2,534 Barnaby Rd., Los Angeles ($ 69,000,000)

  • 8 bedrooms; 13 bathrooms; 26,025 square feet; $ 2,651 per square foot (see listing on

1.1601 San Onofre Dr., Pacific Palisades ($ 83,000,000)

  • 3 bedrooms; 4 bathrooms; 4,892 square feet; $ 16,966 per square foot (see list on

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