SHANGHAI, July 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today marks the 100-day countdown to the launch of the first Tech G Shanghai International Consumer Electronics Exhibition (Tech G), which is already generating great interest  in the global consumer electronics industry and will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from October 14th to 16th 2021. As the world undergoes profound changes not seen for a century, the impact of digitalization on the global industrial chain is self-evident, posing the question: What does the future hold for the consumer electronics technology? Tech G will reveal the answer at what is sure to be a major event.

A world-renowned high-quality exhibition closely linked to the entire consumer electronics industrial chain

Consumer electronics technologies can be used in a broad range of scenarios and have huge market potential. The strong growth of the industry and its applications have brought greater demand for higher quality display and communication technology. This exhibition comes at a time when China enters a new stage of economic growth as it actively constructs a new development pattern with domestic circulation as the mainstay and domestic and international circulations reinforcing each other. Promoting high-quality development and creating a high-quality life urgently requires accelerating technological innovation, especially original innovations and sources of innovation.

Tech G 2021 was organized under guidance from the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information, Shanghai Science and Technology Committee and Shanghai Association for Science and Technology, and sponsored by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai (CCPIT Shanghai).  Hosted by Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co., Ltd., Tech G 2021 innovatively puts forward the concept of “exhibition as the show” and includes over 40,000 square meters of indoor area and over 10,000 square meters of outdoor exhibition space. The show is expected to welcome 30,000 professional visitors from home and abroad to enjoy the latest technology on site, online and in the cloud.

A hub for promoting cooperation and exchanges in the industrial chain offering an experiential space that integrates technology and applications

Innovation in science and technology are good areas through which to promote the upgrade and reconstruction of regional and global industrial and value chains. In providing momentum for accelerating the recovery of the world economy, consumption serves as a booster, while technological application scenarios are the are fulcrum that connects the two.

Tech G provides a big stage for tech and by focusing on multiple scenarios for the  integration of technology and life, the exhibition embraces four themes: future office, future travel, future life, and technology music and fantasy shows. This creates opportunities for communication and integration of consumer electronics-related industries, and for technology to truly show the future of innovation. Tech G welcomes Tmall Consumer Electronics to be its e-commerce partner, and this leading global e-commerce platform will stage an extraordinary super technology show with Li Jiaqi, China’s No. 1 cosmetics live-streamer, as “No.1 Player of Tmall Super Electronics”.

Win-win cooperation requires the participation of outstanding companies at home and abroad, and thus a better life requires the concerted development of various brands both in the upstream and downstream of the industry chain. With application scenarios linking the consumer electronics industry and consumers, Tech G has attracted the participation of over 100 brands. Exhibitors include domestic technology companies like SAIC, Alibaba Group, 360 Smart Life, Great Wall Motor, Lenovo, Zhejiang Exhibition Group, BOE, Wingtech, iFLYTEK, Tuya Smart, AfterShoke, 1More, FlyAudio, You BAN, Cheetah, and Newegg, and international companies like Philips, Swiss Exhibition Group, Korean Exhibition Group, Webasto, and Velodyne. UBTECH, Orion Star and Temi are also planning to display their latest robots at the show.

It is noteworthy that the exhibition has attracted the interest of many semiconductor companies, as it will cover areas from chip design, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, RF solutions and automotive semiconductors. Exhibitors include industry giants like NXP, Nordic, VeriSilicon, Allwinner, Qorvo, Telink, Silicon Labs, and Texas Instruments.

A new channel opening up for scientific and technological exchanges to charter the road ahead and as a leading exhibition for open and innovative brands

As the world undergoes rapid and profound changes unseen in a century, scientific and technological innovation has become a hot topic and the focus of international attention. The competition to grab the leading strategic position has become unprecedentedly fierce, while at the same time, technological exchanges and cooperation are also ushering in new opportunities.

By responsibly keeping pace with the times, the first Tech G has partnered with four national authoritative institutions: China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, China Audio Industry Association, China Chamber of International Commerce, Center for International Economical and Technological Cooperation under Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It also receives support from CCPIT Jiangsu, CCPIT Zhejiang and CCPIT Anhui. It aims to create a new platform that promotes the “dual circulation” of the consumer electronics industry, and a benchmark brand for industry innovation and development, as well as international exchanges to effectively promote science and technology, mutual learning and cooperation between companies and brands from various countries.

By adopting a global vision and an in-depth focus on relevant topics, Tech G brings together international partners such as CSA, Wifi Alliance, SAE International, Uzabase (Japan), Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI), Tech UK, Portugal-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCILC), and BEM. It also works with industry, university and research partners like Shanghai Internet of Things Industry Association, Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association (TEEMA), Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB), and Shanghai Media Group (SMG). Through these collaborations, it will build a global multilateral technology platform for exchanges with all participants.

A diversified and cross-industry platform for the exchange of ideas focusing on hot topics in the consumer electronics industry

Breaking out of a zero-sum game requires a diverse and inclusive stage, while the exchange of ideas requires a professional and high-quality “exhibition space”. Tech G provides a platform for symbiosis and exchange of technology with four keynote speeches and over 20 forums, during which participants will share information on cutting-edge technologies in different industries in the consumer electronics field. Industry leaders and technical experts alike will take the stage to discuss actual application solutions, analyze technology pain points, and conduct in-depth dialogue on 5G mobile communication technology, AI, AR, and VR technologies. They will also talk about hot topics in artificial intelligence such as smart cities and smart homes, as well as top issues in the chip, electronics, and automotive industries.

The diverse and inclusive “exhibition space” will also be presented via the cloud. By concurrently holding a cloud exhibition, Tech G will break through the physical limitations of traditional online exhibition models to permit visits and participation via the cloud. It will create “cloud exhibition CPU” to improve the core competitiveness of the cloud exhibition platform by relying on artificial intelligence and big data algorithms. In addition, Tech G will also announce the “Great Technology Award” in conjunction with Consumer Electronics magazine and service provider Consumer Insurance.

In connecting the world with a focus on the Asia-Pacific, the inaugural Tech G adheres to the spirit of openness, innovation and tolerance to promote brand building, true cross border exchanges and integrated applications, and high-quality technology in pursuit of internationalization, marketization, and specialization. It will be a new platform that “links the whole industry chain of global technology to achieve a win-win and shared future” in the consumer electronics sector.

Registration for the first Tech G Shanghai International Consumer Electronics Show is now open. Corporate users are welcome to register through the official Tech G website http://www.techgshow.com/exhibit-now; individual users can use the following link http://oa.tonggao.info/CN/Customer/Login.

About Tech G Shanghai International Consumer Electronics Show (Tech G)

The 2021 Tech G Shanghai International Consumer Electronics Show aims to present a comprehensive exhibition designed especially for the Asia-Pacific and global markets. It focuses on showcasing consumer electronics outcomes that are developed around the world. The show was approved by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, and guided by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information as well as Shanghai Science and Technology Committee (STCSM); It is sponsored by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai (CCPIT Shanghai) and undertaken by Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co., Ltd.,and is partnered by China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, China Audio Industry Association, China Chamber of International Commerce, Center for International Economical and Technological Cooperation under Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

For More info about Tech G, click on the following link to visit the official website: www.techgshow.com; Or subscribe to the official WeChat official platform: TechGshow.

Shanghai Council for the Promotion of International Trade(CCPIT Shanghai)

Established in 1956 as an important window for Shanghais contact with the rest of the world, Shanghai Council for the Promotion of International Trade(CCPIT Shanghai)provides the functions of serving the government, connecting with enterprises and representing business interest”. Under the leadership of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, Shanghai Municipal Government as well as CCPIT headquarters, it adheres to its purpose of promoting trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, and remains dedicated to enhancing exchange and communication between business communities at home and abroad. After decades of development, CCPIT Shanghai has developed an exhibition framework, coupled with complete exhibition services such as inbound and outbound exhibition organization, venue management, transportation, and display planning & design. Dedicated to promoting international trade through exhibition, CCPIT Shanghai strives to contribute high quality services to Shanghai’s strategy of building into an international exhibition metropolis.

About Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Founded in July 2016, Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co., Ltd. is China’s leading professional international exhibition company, having grown from Intex Shanghai Co., Ltd., which was established in 1995. With joint investment from CCPIT Shanghai and PNO Exhibitions, Shanghai Intex Exhibition is the perfect combination of local and international resources. Throughout its history, the company has organized and hosted over 100 exhibitions and 1,000 forums and meetings for various industries. The accumulative exhibition area now stands at more than 3,000,000 square meters, with events boasting global influence held for numerous industries such as culture, health and medicine, leisure and lifestyle, high-end manufacturing, railways, gardening, consumer electronics and innovative technology.

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