Planning a trip soon? Don’t forget your wallet.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The increase in the number of vaccines and the lifting of restrictions has caused the travel industry to flourish, but it has also resulted in shortages and higher prices for your vacation transportation.

“People arrive at their destination and cannot get a rental car,” Steve Glenn, president of Business trip mentionned. “We even heard of people renting U-Hauls because there were no cars in the town they were traveling to.

Rental cars are hard to come by this summer due to a shortage of vehicles and an increase in the number of drivers.

“In old age you could just go to rental car counters and rent a car, but that is not the case today,” Glenn said. “Car rental companies sold a lot of their fleets during the pandemic, and as you may be reading, automakers can’t make enough cars because they are running out of parts. “

Vans and large SUVs have even slimmer choices. Glenn said families should instead rent two midsize vehicles for the entire crew.

And the same goes for plane tickets and hotel stays, you either have to book early or pay a high price.

“We’re seeing hotels in all of these major resort towns filling up,” Glenn said. “Yesterday someone told me he was going to a motel in western Nebraska and it was $ 180. Normally a $ 59 hotel.

“Airline tickets are skyrocketing when it comes to cost,” Glenn said. “I tried to make a reservation in Pennsylvania yesterday, the rate was $ 900, I almost fell off my chair. “

So what’s the key to getting a rental car, a hotel stay, or a flight to the beach? Book your reservation as soon as possible.


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