A young Australian shared the brutal reality of renting in the nation’s capitals.

Sam, 22, shared a video on TikTok comparing what renters can find for $400 a week in each capital.

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In the video, which has so far racked up 1.3 million views, the home finder revealed a range of units and apartments she found for rent in the CBDs of Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Darwin and Adelaide.

However, Sydney’s results particularly shocked Australians after Sam revealed she could only find a parking space for $400 a month.

In Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, Sam has found “cute” one-bedroom apartments and in Melbourne, a new two-bedroom apartment.

And in Darwin, she discovered a modern one-bedroom apartment with an ocean view.

A young Australian shared the brutal reality of renting in the nation’s capitals. Credit: ICT Tac

However, she claimed a $400-a-week apartment ‘just doesn’t exist’ in Sydney’s CBD, but said there was only one parking space to rent for the same. price per month.

The video has since attracted hundreds of comments, as many discussed rental prices in their cities.

“I don’t know where you got that apartment in Melbourne because you don’t get anything for less than $600 a week,” one suggested.

“The two beds in Melbourne are ‘two beds’. Having a tiny little bedroom with sliding doors for the walls and barely fit more than a queen bed,” another added.

“I paid $350 a week in Brisbane to live in a studio apartment with lead flakes in the water, black mold and water leaks everywhere,” said another.

According to Domain, the median rental price for a unit nationwide — every city combined — is $460, as of June 2022.

Median housing rent prices in each city, as of June 2022. Credit: Domain

Meanwhile, those in Sydney doubted a parking space was all that was available and split the price they were paying for an apartment in town.

“My apartment is in town, a bed for 400 dollars in Sydney,” said one woman.

“My apartment in Sydney is $350 a week,” added another.

However, some explained that it depends on where in Sydney you are looking

‘I’ve found some in Sydney for $400 or less, but it depends on where you’re settling,’ one woman said.

Sam responded by stating that she had only searched the CBD area of ​​Sydney.

Others have concluded that in general, the cost of rent is getting higher across the country.

“Rent is extremely expensive these days,” said one.

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