While many short-term rental platforms have touted the trend of long-term stays as people travel with increased flexibility, new data suggests that travel is “normalizing” as consumers feel more comfortable. comfortable with shorter stays and longer booking windows.

According to Guest, which analyzed booking models on platforms such as Airbnb, Booking.com, Vrbo and Tripadvisor, stays in the United States this summer will be 14% shorter than last year with 4.3 nights in 2021 compared to five nights in 2020. Length of stay this summer is close to the pre-COVID 2019 average of 4.1 nights.

For July 2021, stays are 14% shorter than in July of last year and the same length of stay as in July 2019. Bookings for the month cost 29% more compared to July 2020 and 29% more than in July 2019.

Bookings for show stays in August and September are 19% shorter for August 2021 and 7% shorter for September 2021 compared to the same periods last year.

Reservations for the two months cost 30% more than in 2020; compared to 2019, August 2021 bookings cost 26% more and September 2021 bookings cost 34% more.

Overall, reservations will cost 30% more in the United States this summer compared to last year and 28% more than in 2019 as restrictions ease and pent-up demand kicks in.

The share of domestic travel in the United States is up 12% this year from before COVID, and more than 90% of bookings in the country are made by domestic travelers.

According to Guesty, which provides software for short-term rentals, it was easier for property managers and professional hosts to turn to targeting domestic travelers because they were already targeting that audience.

In comparison, in the UK, a delayed recovery and a historically lower reliance on domestic travel has forced property managers and professional hosts to make more drastic changes to their marketing strategies.

As such, the share of domestic travel in the UK has almost doubled this year compared to the pre-COVID period, increasing by 76%.

For the rest of the summer – July to September – UK booking volume is 700% higher than 2020. Booking volume is 22% higher than 2019.

Bookings will cost 30% more per night compared to 2020 (£ 171 vs £ 132) and almost 22% more compared to 2019 prices, helping hosts to recoup some of their losses compared to 2020 .

For July 2021, the average nightly prices are 41% higher than in July 2020 and 13% higher than the average night prices of July 2019.

For August 2021, the average night prices are 13% higher than in 2020 and 25% higher than the average night prices of 2019. The average night prices for September 2021 are 33% higher than in 2020 and 54% more higher than the 2019 average nightly rates.

On average, travelers will pay £ 160 per night in July, £ 177 in August and £ 178 in September.

In Australia, the share of domestic travel is up 40% from the pre-COVID period. Winter 2021 (June to August) is 226% higher than in 2020 and 12% higher than in 2019.

The average nightly rate is currently AUD 253, an increase of almost 83% from last year.

The length of stay for winter bookings in Australia was reduced by two days, again signaling a return to normal.

American Perspectives

According to Guesty, bookings during Memorial Day weekend were 71% higher than in 2020 and 43% higher than in 2019 and cost $ 226 per night – 71% more than stays in 2020 and 9% more than 2019 stays.

For the next weekend of July 4, the volume of reservations is 140% higher than in 2020 and 47% higher than in 2019. Stays for the weekend will cost 17% more than in 2020 at $ 318 per night. Last year, last-minute vacation bookings were common, but consumers are now booking more in advance.

The fall / winter vacation in the United States is also expected to see an increase in bookings, surpassing pre-COVID numbers in terms of volume and price.

The booking volume for November and December 2021 is already 157% higher than in November and December 2020 and 80% higher than for the same months in 2019.

For the Thanksgiving holidays, booking volume is up 56% from 2020 and 39% from 2019. Travelers expect four-day stays per trip on average.


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