A recent SJ-R column by Eugene Robinson suggested that the Republican Party is no longer “sane,” that it is a “cult” of madness. Typical of Robinson, it was arrogant, insulting and superficial. He despises Donald Trump and knows only how to ridicule and belittle his political rivals. He did not offer a factual basis for his claim or seek to debate the merits of any conservative policies. He thinks the whole party is crazy.

Robinson actually hailed two Republicans as heroes, due to their votes on Trump’s impeachment. But, without any specifics, they later described their positions on key issues as “well, much worse than what the Democrats have to offer.” Let’s take a look at some current Democrats’ policies and priorities, to see how sane they are or not.

Many Democratic governors, including ours, have imposed and maintained overly severe COVID restrictions and lockdowns this year. Current statistics on cases and deaths relative to populations show that they have not performed better than states that have not. Their “follow the science” rhetoric has never been explained and has been a dishonest joke.

In defiance of what their citizens want, many Democratic-led cities have attempted to dismantle or neutralize their law enforcement capabilities, in response to crazed leftists demanding “funding.” These citizens and business owners are now bearing the brunt of the fact that many officers have resigned amid a drastic increase in crime.

Despite polls clearly showing Americans are in favor of border enforcement and immigration, and at a critical time to contain COVID and stabilize our economy, Democrats are eager to reopen the borders.

By rejecting overwhelming evidence of how charter schools and school choice have proven to be a hugely effective way to help inner city children, Democrats are opposing these concepts every moment, only to appease their teachers’ unions. No “pro choice” here. They apparently don’t care what logically benefits children.

As we watched Texas, like California, experience massive power outages due to over-reliance on unreliable solar and wind power sources, John Kerry recently admitted that the states -United could “go to zero carbon tomorrow and that would not solve anything”. But, they are still striving to quickly implement draconian new climate policies, immediately costing thousands of jobs at a horrific time to unemployment and the economy due to the pandemic. Their absurd Green New Deal would cost unknown trillions and ultimately subject the whole country to Texas-like consequences.

The CBO estimates that its proposed minimum wage of $ 15 would cost at least 1.3 million jobs. In cities like Seattle, this was enacted and resulted in the closure of many small businesses and restaurants. They are moving forward anyway.

There are others. Arbitrary cancellation of student loan debt with no plans to pay it off and ignoring responsible Americans who have already paid theirs, rushing to expand postal voting nationwide and considering rolling back cuts. Trump’s widespread tax that gave us a booming economy and record high unemployment rates before COVID.

No matter how absurd facts and logic show their ideas are, Democrats don’t care. They systematically ignore the evidence and experience and shove it down our throats anyway. Adhering to their socialist ideology supersedes all reason, and even what voters clearly need or prefer. They offer no proof that their policies are good or better because they don’t have them and don’t believe they need them. They just resort to name calling and humiliation from the other side.

Based on the far-reaching failures present today in the many states and cities they have controlled for years, I argue that Mr. Robinson knows exactly which party is advocating and demonstrating “insanity.”

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