SEATTLE, WA, June 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via NewMediaWire – ReelTime VR / ReelTime Media (OTC: RLTR) has completed and filed with OTC Markets its 2020 Annual Report and First Quarter 2021 Quarterly Report in accordance with Basic Disclosure Guidelines. www.otcmarkets.com .

The Last Quarterly Filing is the final set of financial and disclosure data (which incorporates the consolidated financial data after the acquisition of “DAB”) required in a series of filings that the company has released as it prepares to release. to level its designation in the over-the-counter markets and beyond.

OTC Markets Group segments ROSE companies based on the information they provide investors with Current, Limited or No Information. The PINK market is aimed at professional and sophisticated investors with a high tolerance for risk for commercial companies with limited information and limited regulatory oversight. Investors are strongly advised to proceed with caution and research companies thoroughly before making any investment decisions.

Barry Henthorn, CEO, said: “This is a very important step in ReelTime’s ability to upgrade its designation and prepare for its listing. Now that we have taken this step, we can move forward with our audit and meet the other requirements necessary to move to a senior exchange. “

ReelTime has now completed and filed with OTC Markets its first quarter 2021 quarterly report in accordance with basic disclosure guidelines. www.otcmarkets.com . The last deposit is the final financial report required to upgrade its designation to “Current Information”, the highest of all designations on the “ROSE” level of OTC Markets. To benefit from the Current Information, a non-declaring Rose company can subscribe to the OTC Disclosure and News Service and publish current information in accordance with OTC Markets’ Pink Basic Disclosure Guidelines. All current information is made public on www.otcmarkets.com. More information on each of these steps is available as shown below:

Companies will be processed for “Current Information” once all required documents have been submitted:

  • Financial statements: two most recent annual reports and any subsequent quarterly reports
  • Disclosure statement: most recent annual report and all subsequent quarterly reports
  • Lawyer letter covering all relevant information for unaudited companies
  • Company profile has been verified via OTCIQ

All deposits will now be reviewed by the board and, if accepted, a “solicitor’s letter regarding current information” will be submitted which, if accepted by OTC Markets, will likely allow ReelTime to be upgraded. .

All recently filed financial statements incorporate an enhanced level of disclosure designed to meet the criteria of the highest levels of the over-the-counter markets and beyond. The company expects to have completed all of its deposits to allow it to be upgraded over the next week.

Other recent news:

ReelTime reduced the potential dilution by 20 million shares following a successful negotiated settlement with one of its strongest supporters.

ReelTime Acquires 100% of LoudMouth Media from CBMJ – Expansion of Reach and Distribution

ReelTime TV Channels Adds 40 Million Apple TV Users to Potentially Reach 140 Million Monthly Active Users

ReelTime TV Channels Adding 50 Million Amazon Fire TV Users to Roku’s 51.2 Million Monthly Active Users, Surpassing Cable, Combined Satellite Potential Reach

ReelTime to launch Roku ReelTime TV channel to 51.2 million monthly active users, increasing content distribution and ad revenue with technology

ReelTime has officially submitted an application as a seasoned company seeking to transfer stock and / or debt from another US stock exchange in order to be listed on the NASDAQ Capital Market Exchange. The app has been registered in the NASDAQ Listing Center, all applicable fees have been paid, and an SEO analyst has been assigned to ReelTime to help with the process. In addition, the request for a new symbol (NASDAQ: RT) to be reserved for ReelTime to trade under once the Company has met all quantitative and qualitative criteria, including certain corporate governance requirements, has been approved. ReelTime will continue to submit additional information and materials as needed based on feedback from its assigned quote analyst and other people at NASDAQ who will attend ReelTime, ensuring that they meet all of the qualifications required for them. NASDAQ Capital Markets securities under Rule 4300 and / or any other applicable regulatory requirements. ReelTime will also need to adhere to corporate governance standards set by the NASDAQ. In addition, ReelTime must comply with NASDAQ requirements regarding audit committees, the process for appointing directors, executive compensation, composition of the board of directors, executive sessions, quorum and code of conduct, among others.

ReelTime will continue to trade on the OTC markets under the ticker symbol (OTC: RLTR) throughout the process and until the switch to the NASDAQ Capital Market becomes effective, at which point the ticker symbol will change to (NASDAQ: RT).

The NASDAQ Capital Market provides companies with the capital they need to grow their businesses. The NASDAQ Capital Market also provides a listing venue that promises to adapt to different stages of business life. All companies listed on the NASDAQ Capital Market must meet all of the qualifications required for NASDAQ securities in Rule 4300. Companies must also adhere to the corporate governance standards set by the NASDAQ.

ReelTime engaged Pinnacle Accountancy Group of Utah (“Pinnacle” a dba of the auditing firm registered at PCAOB Heaton & Company, PLLC) to perform an independent audit of the financial statements of the company. The audit will be conducted in accordance with the guidelines set forth by NASDAQ Registration Requirements and Public Company Accounting Oversight Board Auditing Standards. Pinnacle is one of the leading firms in the United States and abroad. Its partners and staff have been providing auditing services to SEC registrants since 2001 and are very experienced in handling the complex auditing and accounting challenges facing public companies.

ReelTime Media has entered into a Technology / Software and Development License Agreement with Baristas (OTC: BCCI) “Munchie Magic”. The license agreement grants Munchie Magic perpetual and exclusive worldwide access to the use of technology and methodologies developed by ReelTime that allow virtual restaurants to integrate with its partners, integration, marketing and functions. paperwork for use with the Munchie Magic virtual restaurant or other convenience store delivery concepts. The agreement also allows Munchie Magic to develop, in concert with ReelTime or independently, derivatives and / or stand-alone methodologies. In exchange for ReelTime’s perpetual and exclusive global license for the Munchie Magic concept and convenience store-derived virtual restaurants, ReelTime will receive a per-transaction license fee of $ 0.35 in perpetuity under the terms of the agreement starting January 1. . , 2021. “Munchie Magic” baristas have opened more than 50 locations in the past nine months, delivering Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, snacks and hot meals to customers through delivery partners DoorDash, GrubHub and Uber Eats. www.munchiemagic.com in Washington state and has now spread to Oregon, California, Illinois and Arizona.

ReelTime VR (OTC PINK: RLTR) has confirmed that patent application number 15 / 654,613, titled Simultaneous Spherical Panoramic Image and Video Capture System, was officially published as U.S. Patent No. 10,761,303 on the 1st. September 2020. The term of the patent is 20 years. and 247 days from the first filing date of the patent application, calculated as March 23, 2038. Although the original technology allows any cell phone or other camera to instantly capture video or 360 X 360 virtual reality images without the need for stitching, the patent provides protection against counterfeiting of any capture of a plurality of images using at least one mirror. It covers a wide range of industries and uses.

About NASDAQ Capital Markets: Nasdaq is a global technology company serving the capital markets and other industries. Its diverse offering of data, analytics, software and services enables clients to optimize and execute their business vision with confidence. A diverse selection of over 4,000 companies choose to list on the US, Nordic and Baltic Nasdaq stock exchanges, representing sectors such as retail, healthcare, finance and technology. In the United States, the Nasdaq is the listing venue of choice for many of the world’s most interesting companies. The Nasdaq Stock Market has three distinct levels: the Nasdaq Global Select Market®, the Nasdaq Global Market® and the Nasdaq Capital Market®. Applicants must meet certain financial, liquidity and corporate governance requirements to be approved for listing on any of these market levels.

About ReelTime Rentals, Inc. d / b / a ReelTime Media: www.reeltime.com is a publicly traded company based in Seattle, WA (OTCPK: RLTR). ReelTime Media provides low-cost, end-to-end production and media buying capabilities that redefine the way businesses price and buy their TV, radio, print and other new media. ReelTime also specializes in the development, production and distribution of virtual reality content and technologies. We have end-to-end production, editing and distribution capabilities for internal and external projects. ReelTime is currently producing three ongoing series for the Samsung Gear VR platform and distributing them on numerous VR streaming portals including Gear VR, Oculus, Veer VR, HTC Vive, YouTube 360, Facebook and others. ReelTime Media also publishes the book “It Was Always Me! Edward Edwards, The Most Prolific Serial Killer Of All Time”, which was featured in a cover story on People Magazine, Rolling Stone, In Touch. and a six-part series. on the Paramount network, www.itwasalwaysme.com .


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