Outdoor structures are multifunctional, seasonally appropriate additions to an outdoor living space. These features provide weather protection, delineate space, and offer refuge from the rigors of everyday life:


PAVILLOUNGE, LLC and their subdivisions will provide the commercial buyer with a unique buying environment, allowing them to easily purchase gazebo and services for commercial use. Our distribution will remain flexible to allow the company to adapt to the purchasing needs of our customers.

Traditionally, trade dealerships have offered many of the same ranges available from most vendors; with the advanced suppliers of PAVILLOUNGE, LLC, we will supply most standard lines and many specialty lines.

Our unique combination of service capabilities and short delivery times will make our customers a solid purchase based on value.

Our Products and Services Division will be equipped to manufacture custom tools for Pavillounge commercial customers, putting our services ahead of the competition while reducing costs for the customer.

Flexibility, with a strong mix of just two items to compete with larger suppliers, a quality offering of industry-recognized brand name products, and custom engineering and modification services.

PAVILOUNGE, LLC can cover all requirements from the small manufacturer to the largest enterprise requiring system contract offerings or EDI options.

The main objective of every construction company is to ensure that the construction projects are actually completed in the best quality, the specified time and the lowest cost.

Business idea:

PAVILOUNGE LLC is one of three sub-companies of Pavillounge PLC, a UK holding company. It will be formed in May of this year in Wilmington, Delaware as a limited liability company (LLC) under the laws of the Commonwealth of Delaware.

The Pavilion Lounge can be used on the beach, in the forest, as a vacation home, as a café or champagne bar, as an exhibition space or even completely privately used as a veranda highlight or bath extension and sauna in your garden. It can be assembled and disassembled in the blink of an eye and lasts for years.

Depending on your taste, you can choose between pruritic or rustic furnishing or a luxury variant, thanks to decades of furnishing experience, including lighting planning, color advice and design walls and floors merging with individual wishes into a perfect whole.

We offer individually tailored solutions to the ideas of discerning buyers and creative exploitation of land reserves at the lowest possible cost, which convinces domestic partners in Germany and attracts foreign investors.

The company’s purpose is the purchase, holding, rental, sale and brokerage of real estate and land, financing, recovery of goods of all kinds, licenses, brands, know-how and patents.

The Company may establish branches and subsidiaries both domestically and abroad, participate in other domestic and foreign companies and any business directly or indirectly related to its purpose.

PAVILOUNGE LLC believes in building lasting relationships, developing strategies for growth. With durable, distinctive and substantial solutions, we support to improve network and communication performance. We believe in giving their best and offering maximum leverage to our clients, building a better future together.

Proven overriding marketing strategies to drive business publicity and awareness will be implemented to ensure the necessary awareness and publicity for our business, both locally and nationally. Digital methods as well as conventional strategies will be implemented to reach our target audience. Social media platforms will be fully utilized; search engine optimization will also be put to good use.

A key business driver that we will not treat lightly is customer satisfaction. We will ensure the highest quality of services at all times to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. We will ensure that the needs and demands of each client are duly and correctly understood to enable us to understand the best angle to come and offer our services.

We are looking to raise $8,000,000 for working capital and expansion capital. We already have a large purchase order in place.

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