FileInvite, the secure personal data sharing platform for consumer credit applications, is signing international customers as more transactions take place online. New customers include First Home Bank with branches across the United States and Loan Market in Australia.

FileInvite’s cloud platform enables consumers, loan officers or mortgage brokers to securely share personal financial documents. In the United States, demand for loan transactions is increasing in response to the economic stimulus from the CARES Act, which, combined with consumer preferences to avoid in-person visits to bank branches, is sparking interest in online methods. secure online document transfer.

The addition of Loan Market and Aussie Home Loans means that one in three loans traded in Australasia now goes through FileInvite every month.

The fact that First Home Bank and Loan Market were secured and integrated on FileInvite during New Zealand’s Level 4 foreclosure gives the Auckland-based company confidence that it can continue to grow globally, even in the face of travel restrictions.

FileInvite is recruiting to support its global growth, adding three team members in June from their home offices in Tauranga, Rotorua and Raglan. Six other New Zealand-based people joined in July in product development and user support roles.

We decided to be
global from day one, selling and supporting thousands of overseas customers by phone and video conference. The New Zealand lockdown has put our processes to the test and validated that we are really well positioned to continue to grow as customers in our major international markets in the US, Australia and UK are also working remotely, ”said James Sampson, CEO and Founder of FileInvite.

In July, Performance Insights, the largest Pipedrive CRM reseller and a leading financial services consulting and software company in the United States, joined FileInvite’s partner network in North America.

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