If your limited liability company holds an annual general meeting (AGM), you must give members at least 14 days notice.

Download this free annual general meeting notice template to make sure you give your members the correct information about when and where the meeting will be. Read on to learn more about the meaning and definition of AGM, and what needs to be included in your notice to stay compliant with the law.

Limited Liability Company AGM Notice Template – Free Word Download

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What is an Annual General Meeting (AGM)?

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is an annual meeting of shareholders to discuss the performance and strategic direction of a company.

Under the Companies Act 2006, public companies and private companies that have negotiated are Required by law to hold a general assembly.

Limited liability companies that did not exchange can choose whether or not to hold an AGM. However, the statutes may require it.

What is an AGM Notice Template?

If your limited liability company is planning a general meeting, you should inform your members with specific information at least 14 clear days before the date of the AGM.

Be sure to check the company’s articles of association as this may require a longer notice period.

An AGM Notice template helps you create a document to share with your members, making sure you include all the right information.

What is included in an AGM notice?

This Farillio AGM Notice template includes a space for you to enter your company name and number, and the details of when and where the AGM will take place.

Then there is a section to describe the main objectives of the meeting, including sample descriptions of some of the issues typically discussed at an AGM (eg, receipt of accounts and appointment of directors).

The notice must include:

  • signature of the president, director or secretary

  • date and time

  • duration of the meeting

  • place

  • company headquarters

You can also add other agenda items or rules that members should be aware of.

How to use this AGM notice template

The AGM Notice Template provides you with a basis for preparing your own document.

You should go through the template carefully and adapt it to your business. You should refer to your company’s articles of association to ensure that you are complying with the directives of the annual general meeting.

You can also include a template AGM agenda so your members know what to expect from the meeting.

How to organize an annual general meeting

A typical agenda for an AGM can include:

Why use this Farillio AGM Notice Template?

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