Photo courtesy of Aslan Rahman

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The real estate industry remains a no-go area for many young entrepreneurs. It is considered a highly competitive and capital-intensive industry that demands more than meets the eye. Additionally, the hectic nature of the real estate world can make it difficult for young investors to keep up with changing trends. However, Aslan Rahman, a young real estate investor, is looking to change that norm.

Aslan is a successful real estate entrepreneur. He is a renowned UK property investor and mentor who helps people invest in property. Aslan founded the Rent-2-Rent Mastery program, a training program to help other aspiring real estate agents succeed in the field.

Aslan ventured into the world of real estate in 2019, diving into building a property management and property sales company. He focused on the rental of large houses and their re-letting in co-living. He did this for months before he started selling these types of real estate transactions to investors, which explains the “selling real estate” part of his business.

Aslan’s success and desire to inspire others led him to discover the online coaching space. By August 2021, he had started coaching other real estate entrepreneurs on how to scale their business. Aslan grew his fortune while helping others succeed.

“In just over 12 months I have made exactly £148,258 in profit from online property coaching, helping people as young as 19 and even people as far away as Sweden to invest in the UK property market All of this has helped grow my brand incredibly and be recognized in my field,” says Aslan.

Like most young entrepreneurs, Aslan’s biggest challenge was raising enough funds to start his business. As a result, he found himself overwhelmed with the vastness of business, not knowing where to start. But a man on a mission, Aslan quickly took advantage of available resources while learning from his multiple mentors. This helped him establish a strong foundation, enabling him to raise £21,000 in funding from investors to grow his business.

Aslan wants everyone to know that struggles are a part of life. You are likely to experience a series of ups and downs, but what is important is to face your fears and pursue what you believe in. Everyone has a life skill or struggle that they have overcome that you can learn from and teach others about. Therefore, get over your fear of risk and focus on positivity because there is no income cap in this business. It can be six or even seven digits; you have what it takes, provided you work hard.

Going forward, Aslan wants to start and grow his general coaching business into a seven-figure business. The goal is to continue sharing his online client acquisition strategies and help other aspiring online coaches pursue their dreams.

“Over the past year and a half, I’ve been mentored directly by online coaches, and I believe I have the skills to bring value to the market and help other coaches, clients, and creators courses to attract more customers,” says Aslan.

Aslan Rahman also wants to expand his UK property portfolio. The born philanthropist was a teacher from the start, first teaching teenagers in A-level (college) subjects, then moving on to coaching other real estate entrepreneurs when his real estate businesses took off, and now finally coaching online – helping anyone who wants more customers online.