On the first day of the two-day loan fair at the premises of the Dehradun Municipal Corporation (MCD), a total of 93 vendors in the city obtained loans under the Atmanirbhar Nidhi (Svanidhi) program from street vendors. of the Prime Minister. Deputy City Commissioner Sonia Pant informed that there are so far around 1,116 vendors in Dehradun city who have applied to be the beneficiaries of this program according to the Svanidhi program portal. She said company officials had personally notified more than 900 vendors in the city to come to the loan fair to benefit from the program. The MCD has also publicized the program in major city shopping areas and areas where vendors do their business, Pant said. Informing about a seller’s eligibility to be a beneficiary of this program, she said that a person who wishes to apply for a loan of up to Rs 10,000 under the Svanidhi program should engage in the sale before the 24th. March and that this should be his or her main source of employment.

Although any type of seller can get the loan under this program if they are eligible, most of the sellers who have applied to be the beneficiaries in Dehradun City are vegetable and fruit sellers, Pant said. . She said the company also provided the letters of recommendation (LoRs) to 1,380 sellers after inquiring into the authenticity of the sellers’ work. She said the LoR allows vendors to apply to be beneficiaries of the program who don’t have a certificate, card, or are not registered under MCD to prove they are street vendors.

In addition, officials informed that there are a total of 35 banks that provide loans to sellers, of which 16 banks participated in the fair which had the maximum number of pending applications from sellers. About 106 applicants with pending applications interacted with bank representatives at the fair and 96 new street vendors also approached MCD to apply for the loan under the Svanidhi program, city commissioner Vinay Shankar Pandey informed. According to him, a total of 51 LoRs were issued by the company on the first day, of which 41 applicants applied on the Svanidhi portal to be the beneficiary of the program. Officials say the State Bank of India (SBI) has disbursed 30 out of 40 loans, which is the maximum to date. In addition, banks including the Central Bank of India, Punjab National Bank and Bank of India, among others, have also approved loans to street vendors, officials said. According to them, 93 loans were approved by banks on the first day of the show and that number may increase on the second day.