Business acumen a Hagarty asset

Jane Hagarty has my vote for the commissioner of Port of Benton in this election.

Having been our Port of Benton Commissioner for several years, Jane has proven time and again to be a talented and effective leader in providing a future vision for economic development. His role as a member of a strategic planning team paved the way for investments to be a catalyst for regional economic growth and prosperity. The communities of Richland, Benton City, Prosser and Benton County as a whole have benefited economically from the business acumen and experienced leadership of Jane Hagarty.

Together with her fellow commissioners, she created jobs and used former federal lands and buildings for local economic development. Jane was instrumental in ordering the Port of Benton to build incubators to support young start-ups. We want to continue with this successful leadership style within the Port of Benton.

Please join me in voting for Jane Hagarty!

George F. Garlick, Richland

Steinert, Rodgers are his choices

I recently watched the TV show sponsored by the League of Women Voters. It was very informative and two candidates stood out, Scott Rodgers and Erin Steinert. They both understood the issues and responded to them in depth. In fact, Mr. Rodgers had extensive knowledge of the field of history and focused on the changes in teaching in this area of ​​the program. This has long been a glossed over topic without any depth or understanding of the reality of those involved.

Ms. Steinert has focused on math and science and understands STEM, a must for future job opportunities.

Both candidates expressed their preparation for studies beyond high school, whether technical or college. Both have teaching experience and extensive community service. Models of service beyond oneself.

Please vote and consider these two candidates.

Dottie Stevens, Kennewick

Hagarty deserves another port term

I am very happy to recommend Benton Harbor Commissioner Jane Hagarty for another term. Commissioner Hagarty and all the staff and commissioners of the Port of Benton have been excellent partners for the towns of Richland and Prosser, Benton County and all of Mid-Columbia. Over the years, his institutional knowledge has been instrumental in the number of successful ventures the port has undertaken. All of this is the result of constant collaboration and a forward-looking approach to small business, clean energy, tourism, Hanford history, and public and private partnerships. She is an integral part of the team that spared no effort in a culture of excellence that has benefited us all. Please re-elect Jane Hagarty to continue her good work.

Phillip Lemley, Richland

Steinert his choice for the school board

The Herald’s editorial board failed to do their due diligence and approve the most competent and qualified candidate for the Kennewick school board, Erin Steinert. While praising Steinert and acknowledging his commitment to preparing for the job as well as being a good listener and community lead, the editors say a different balance is needed. I do not agree. Erin best represents the community values ​​that guide students and their families on their educational journeys in Kennewick schools. Previously published letter writers have described Erin’s experience and personal qualities, making her an outstanding candidate. Please join me in voting for Erin Steinert for the Kennewick School Board.

Tom Staly, Kennewick

Richland Council Needs Fitzgerald

We need to have more diversity on Richland City Council, but not unless this candidate is also a strong supporter of the community, educated, intelligent, engaged and hardworking. I am convinced that this person is Chaune ‘Fitzgerald. She owns and operates a business on the promenade. She is the founder of a non-profit organization helping women and involved in several other community activities. She is a member of the Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce and received the 2020 Martin Luther King Spirit Award. I encourage you to read more about her perspective at

Alan C. Rither, Richland

Vann-Clark on the right for the Richland post

Elizabeth Vann-Clark, a former math teacher, is a ready candidate for the job from day one. When it comes to education, she not only speaks the word, but she walks and walks. She is used to not only identifying areas of education gaps, but she has also devoted time and effort to improving the system.

Her dedication to these students motivated her to participate in educational committees at the local, state and national levels. His ideas and leadership have been particularly effective in the areas of reassessing the need for unfunded state-mandated testing, improving special education, and promoting vocational training. She is a strong supporter of alternative learning environments.

In the voter brochure, Elizabeth states that she recognizes all students as individuals with their own development, rights and needs. As a strong advocate for our children, Elizabeth looks forward to finding common ground and goals with our teachers, district and community to create a positive learning environment for all of our students. Please vote for Elizabeth Vann-Clark for the Richland School Board.

Amédée Marx, Richland

Trumbo his choice for the place of the council

John Trumbo brings integrity to the Kennewick board.

I have seen John in very stressful situations, here and abroad. He has always demonstrated an incredible level of honesty, fiscal responsibility and integrity. I believe that some of these traits are absolutely necessary in the current political climate. As his tenure on the board has demonstrated, he is not in politics for glory, to please a party or a union, to add to his fortune or to satisfy personal grievances. His time on the board has actually had an impact on him through threats, lawsuits, insults and investigations for doing what he thinks is the right thing. Either way, it would have been easier to ignore the facts and play the game.

We have seen others use their positions of authority to improve themselves financially or in their social standing, being sure that any philanthropic action is well known in the community, or an inappropriate relationship between an association leader and a client. playing in the media. Is this how we want our elected officials to behave?

John Trumbo makes the voice of reason heard!

Michael Richardson, Kennewick

3 questions for the council candidate

Erin Steinert, as a candidate for the Kennewick School Board, ext. 2, your resume is very impressive. However, parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents need to know what K-12 children are being taught in addition to the long-standing fundamentals that position senior graduates to be successful. they are “ready for college”. I have already asked you these same three questions below via email twice, dating back to July, which you acknowledged receiving and which you would answer as soon as possible. I am still waiting for answers. I thought this public forum might be a great way for you to respond. If you are short on time or space to respond to all three publicly, please respond in the order requested below. What are your views on:

1. Is critical race theory taught in our schools?

2. Sex education taught from an early age in our schools?

3. The best way (s) to “instill in students a thirst for knowledge? “

Erin, thank you for answering these important questions that every parent and loved one should know exactly what you believe before they vote for you or anyone else who can influence what our children learn.

Ray Robinson, Kennewick

Vote Wireman for Richland Council

I support Ginger Wireman for position 4 of the Richland City Council.

Ginger has supported and volunteered his time to events and causes that affect our children and the community at large. She preaches the word!

Judy Sweeney, Richland

Boring does well by serving well

Vote to keep Marianne Boring for Richland City Council. Her campaign slogan says who she is. “Do the right thing … even when no one is looking.” I want someone of integrity who represents me. If you’ve been to city council meetings since she was appointed to fill a vacant seat last year, you’ve seen her ask the tough questions. It is evident that she has read the documents provided to council by municipal staff.

As a retired CPA, I understand that she cares about how our tax dollars are spent. “She brings to the board over 30 years of experience in land use planning, project management and planning, rental and lease negotiations, as well as experience in small business ownership. (From the city website) Thank you also to all the staff in the city who work every day to make Richland a great place to live for businesses, families or just to take a stroll along the river Columbia.

Barbara Puigh, Richland

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