Those hoping to plan a last-minute spring break getaway may want to reconsider, according to AAA Washington.

SEATTLE — As families prepare to hit the road or pack for flights, here’s what AAA Washington said to expect for spring break this year.

Families traveling on the road are facing high gas prices this year, but Kelly Just with AAA Washington said people rarely cancel trips because of price alone.

“Research has shown that prices need to be quite high, around the $5 mark we’ve hit now before people start adjusting their plans. But they rarely cancel their trips,” Just said. “You can cut costs in other ways, with your hotel. Maybe you can cook your own food instead of going to restaurants.”

If you are going to a national park, just keep in mind that going further usually means a higher cost because there are fewer places to choose from.

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Those hoping to organize a last-minute trip may want to reconsider, according to Just.

“You’re very unlikely to find a flight and if you do find a flight, it will cost you more than usual,” Just said.

And once you’ve arrived at your destination, we hope you already have a rental car reservation on hold.

“The same goes for rental vehicles. Rental companies are just restoring their fleets post COVID 19,” Just said. “So you probably missed the window to book a flight and rental car alone, let alone at a cheaper price.