LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Many people are changing their travel plans due to rising gas prices, and some are even changing their planned trips to avoid expensive flights to Las Vegas.

Like many others, Tom de Martini comes to Las Vegas every year, but said he’ll be staying on the East Coast this spring due to rising travel costs.

“What we usually do is go to Orleans,” said de Martini, a resident of Pennsylvania. “We’re making it a 10 day trip.”

Although he always looked forward to his annual trip to Las Vegas, the airfare and gas he would need to fill up his rental car made the trip too expensive.

“Round-trip $300 on Southwest Airlines is now $655, rental car for the week on Budget is $500,” he said. “I’m very disappointed, it’s something I look forward to every year – we’re talking about going in May and September to Atlantic City and forgoing that trip just because of the expense.”

De Martini said he thinks he won’t be the only one to change or cancel his vacation plans.

“I think even people coming from LA, you’re already looking at $6 or $7 for gas,” he told 8 News Now.

Travel expert Abby Lagman said during the recession a decade ago she also saw flight surcharges due to fuel prices at the time.

“These surcharges were because fuel prices at the time were skyrocketing,” Lagman said.

She suggested that those looking to book a flight should do so as soon as possible, as flight prices could increase further at any time.

Despite the price hike, AAA expects Las Vegas to be one of the nation’s top spring travel destinations, though people should also adjust their budgets to account for the price hike. gasoline, which will lead to lower holiday spending.