WARANGAL: The Warangal Police Station Cybercrime Unit and Jangaon Police Jointly Arrest a Five-Member International Gang Who Lures People With Easy Loans Through Instant Loan Apps. Three of them were arrested while a search is underway for two main defendants.

Police Commissioner P Promod Kumar said Erick Penglu from China, who came on a business visa to India last year, created four instant finance apps in association with Padra Binda Ray from Odisha.
The gang opened an office in Bengaluru on behalf of Shine Bay Technologies India Pvt Ltd and began funding gullible people through their apps with the help of accomplices Debashis Das, Sanjay BR and Santhosh Kumar Naik, all residents of Bengaluru.

The defendants used to rob their clients by charging exorbitant interest rates. “If the customers didn’t pay, the gang would threaten them through their tele-callers. The gang sent abusive messages to customers in addition to labeling them as defaults. They also broadcast the messages to friends and relatives of clients, ”CP said.

The gang secured the customers’ contact list through their app.
Police opened an investigation after a Bandaru Srinivas from Jangaon filed a complaint on December 18. Srinivas got a loan of Rs 45,000 through the app. The organizers harassed him after he failed to repay the loan amount.

The CP formed a special team with the Cybercrime Police and Jangaon under the supervision of the DCP of the West Srinivas Reddy area.
Three of the gang members were arrested in Bengaluru and taken to Jangaon. Two laptops, three cell phones and SIM cards were seized from them. A manhunt has been launched for the arrest of Erick Penglu and Padra Binda Ray.

The Commissioner congratulated the team of Inspector Jangaon Malleshwar, Cybercrime Inspector Janardhan Reddy, Cyber ​​SI Ravi Kumar, Sathish, Deputy Analytical Officer Prashanth, etc. for solving the case.


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