High property rentals in Edinburgh are pushing some people out of the market

Why should hard working people like me pay for high rent or mid rent houses, why can’t we have a council house like the others? Mid-rent housing is being built everywhere – we don’t want it, why isn’t it social housing? No wonder there are so many homeless people.

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We moved to the Borders because despite both working full time we couldn’t afford to rent anywhere in Edinburgh or Lothians.

Edinburgh – I think the name needs to be changed. If you want bread or milk, wait in a line of about 20 students. You can’t even walk down a street without getting a little sideways bend. Your children get knocked down or pushed around because they are in such a hurry. Go live by the sea, it’s so much better.

How many new student apartments are actually occupied?

So leave Edinburgh. yours, etc of West Lothian.

Wait. “Almost half of Edinburgh residents can’t afford the rental prices.” Which means more than half of Edinburgh residents can afford the rental prices. So that means that, statistically, the average affordability is higher than the average rent. Isn’t it then a market that functions reasonably?

The Scottish Government must introduce rent control for Scotland.

Yet voted best city to live in, by whom? Tourists or classy students?

More than half are entrants.

The government should push private landlords to reduce rents.

There should be more low- to mid-rent blocks built to address this issue, with rents capped at a certain level. Private rentals should however be allowed to charge a higher rate.

Did Nicola Sturgeon impose too many Covid restrictions over Christmas?

I wish England had done that, because they would have done the opposite. The data proves that she was quick to ruin Christmas and hammer hotel owners and their employees who are still waiting for the promised money.

No, 430 dead two days ago, mostly in England. Ask families if the restrictions there were enough.

Give him a break. Has another leader held this position before? I mean the whole world is dealing with Covid. We’ve all learned over the past two years that no one knew what was coming or how bad it would be. I mean, she did what she and the health team felt was necessary. People died, moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas. Can’t we just accept what happened?

I don’t understand why the president called Anas Sarwar for not asking the question fast enough and yet Nicola Sturgeon walks around week after week and is never told to answer faster all she does is state the SNP agenda and not to answer any questions.

Yes, it was clear at the time that the bizarre restrictions didn’t make much sense and were unnecessary.

No. At the end of the day, people have to realize that there’s still a lot going on. I think she did fabulous. We had a quiet Christmas to keep us all safe.

It doesn’t matter, she does what she wants regardless of health, economy and people and she’s proven it many times, huh.

No! She was doing her job and protecting us. My friend died of Covid in England because Boris Johnson didn’t do enough to protect them.

No one knew what was going to happen beyond Christmas…scientists were concerned enough to recommend what action was taken…good enough for me…better to be too careful than too careful.

Better too much than too little, but unless there was a parallel universe in which different actions were taken, we can never know.