Las Vegas, NV, June 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — Hestia Insight Inc. (HSTA) (“Hestia Insight” and the “Company”)a company focused on developing new technologies in the healthcare and biotechnology sectors, and providing sales and marketing advice and capital markets advisory services to its clients, announced today that it had engaged PK International Inc., a Taiwanese company, as its exclusive sales and marketing agent partner to expand the Company’s presence in Asia.

“After the disastrous global impact of COVID-19, we are reinvigorating our efforts to reach Asian companies seeking access to U.S. public markets,” said Edward C. Lee, the company’s president and CEO.

Additionally, the company employs a mergers and acquisitions strategy and brings together a highly experienced team, including senior executives, an independent director, corporate and securities counsel and seasoned consultants, to scout and identify potential candidates. potential for merger and acquisition. Hestia Insight is particularly interested in companies in the health, wellness and nutrition sectors, including healthy foods and supplements, health technologies and healthcare.

Mr. Lee explained, “We believe Hestia Insight can add significant value and experience to established, revenue-generating companies with positive cash flows looking to access US capital markets and grow their operations through Mergers and Acquisitions.

About Hestia Insight Inc.

Hestia Insight Inc. (“Hestia Insight” and the “Company”) focuses primarily on the healthcare and biotechnology sectors through the Company’s two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Hestia Investments Inc. (“Hestia Investments ”) and HSTA Health Inc. (“HSTA Health”). Hestia Investments provides strategic advice, medical supply sales and marketing support, management and financial market advisory services for select micro, small and medium enterprises in the healthcare and biotechnology sectors. HSTA Health provides healthcare management and patient services and develops new healthcare technologies for neurological and psychiatric disorders. The Company is positioned to make strategic acquisitions of emerging growth companies with unique science and technology. The Company intends to pursue the acquisition and development of healthcare-related technologies in the healthcare and biotechnology sectors through acquisitions, licenses or joint ventures. The Company will also consider a third avenue of investment in certain technologies. The Company has entered the healthcare industry to explore emerging healthcare technologies, especially growing companies that own and develop unique science and technology.

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