A Singaporean father recently took to Facebook to express his displeasure over how a bicycle rental store in East Coast Park allegedly overcharged his daughter and three friends for returning their bikes late.

However, the company in question denied the father’s accusations and clarified that the late fees paid by the daughters were in line with his standard hourly rate.

What the father claimed

According to father Ken Chew, the girls paid S $ 20 each to rent their bikes for three hours, which works out to about S $ 6.70 per hour.

Late returns to Coastline Leisure were calculated as follows:

Notes on the receipt indicated that the overtime surcharge was calculated as follows:

  • 10 to 30 minutes late: Half an hour from the original rental rate.
  • More than 30 minutes late: One hour from the original rental rate.

When the girls returned the bikes late, they were charged S $ 15 late fees, far more than what was supposed to be a one-hour rental fee.

S $ 20 initially paid by each girl was a special flat rate

In his response to Mothership, Coastline Leisure said rental price signage is prominently displayed in the store, and that includes hourly charges for its range of bikes, from standard to premium.

The bikes chosen by the girls had a rental rate of S $ 15 per hour. As the four girls rented the bikes on a weekday, the second hour was free.

The cashier then suggested that the girls top up an additional S $ 5 for an additional hour. This amounted to a “special package price” of S $ 20 each, Coastline Leisure said.

Coastline Leisure added that its cashiers will focus on these charges before the customer confirms the rental and makes payment. Customers are also reminded that for late returns a late fee will be charged based on the first hour of rental.

How late fees are billed was also shown in their receipts, a photo of which was posted by Chew.

The staff did not “bully” the girls

Chew also wrote that the four girls were “worried and terrified” because they did not have enough cash on hand to pay the late fees.

Littoral Loisirs says Mothership that they take such statements very seriously, as they do not tolerate any form of intimidation from their staff.

After reviewing its CCTV footage from that day, the company said the girls showed no signs of distress when paying late fees with staff and the two sides had “virtually no contact. “.

The entire exchange did not last more than five minutes, Coastline Leisure said.

Lawyer letters issued

Additionally, Chew initially shared another post claiming the late fee cost S $ 180 in total, which Coastline Leisure claims is false, as Chew’s receipts show in his second. Publish.

Coastline Leisure added that it had edited its posts up to 44 times.

Photo of Leisure on the coast

Coastline Leisure also denounced that Chew did not clarify the rental charges with them, but instead chose to publish a “slanderous” article about his grievances and spread “inaccurate information and lies” about it.

In response to this, Coastline Leisure sent two attorney letters to Chew.

The company condemned how “irresponsible and thoughtless sharing” of such a message can “break a business”, especially during tough times when many businesses struggle to stay afloat.

He added that many of his employees have been with the company for about a decade and are concerned about the business and their livelihoods.

Since Chew’s viral story was shared on social media, the bike rental store has said it received hate mail and messages, as well as worrying questions from its regular customers.

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