Toyota Financial Services (TFS) is the captive finance company that provides financing, leasing, insurance and protection plans to consumers and auto dealers in support of the North American divisions of Toyota and Lexus. The world’s largest captive finance company, TFS has more than $115 billion in assets under management and generates approximately $3 billion in new business every month.

When Covid-19 hit, TFS found, like many other companies around the world, that processes that were efficient in an environment where everyone worked in the same office space became less efficient when most employees started to work. work from home. The treasury team has launched a series of cross-functional initiatives to digitize, automate and integrate real-time data and analytics into corporate business processes, with the goal of improving productivity across the cash function.

“Years ago we started building a datamart to support our smaller SFCs [sales finance companies], whose staff may not have expertise in all specific areas of risk management,” says Sylvia Baharet, Country Head of Balance Sheet Strategy for TFS. “They needed someone to provide feedback on their risk metrics and help guide hedging decisions and the like.”