A lawyer in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, who fights on behalf of people facing deportation is now himself deported.

Paul Lagace, who is a lawyer and coordinator at the Prince Rupert Unemployed Action Center, has advocated for the homeless for eight years.

“I experience what my clients experience every day.”

Lagace learned that the reason for the eviction was that his landlord’s father wanted to move into the accommodation.

Lagacé supports a girl in a nearby community and said that despite having a decent job, he cannot pay rent in Prince Rupert at current rates. He’s not sure if he could even find a place due to a limited rental supply.

“I don’t know where I’m going to go, and I don’t know how I’m going to afford it.”

The Real Estate Reality in Northern British Columbia

The BC Northern Real Estate Board reported that Prince Rupert saw the average selling price of a detached house increase from $ 278,040 in March 2019 to $ 430,162 in March 2021. The British Columbia Real Estate Association predicts average prices will increase by an additional 10 to 15 percent. in 2021.

Judy Park, property manager at Tinker Realty, said rent has risen significantly over the past few years in Prince Rupert. Park said rental properties are increasingly difficult to find in the city.

“There isn’t a lot of supply there… so you can charge more.”

According to Park, the monthly rent over the past two years has gone up “a few hundred dollars if not more.”

“Nurses can’t afford this community, people with good jobs can’t afford this community,” Lagacé said.

The fight to stay

Although Lagacé’s owner is determined to kick him out, Lagacé plans to fight to stay put.

“You know I’m going to fight him, that’s what I do… my owner is going to have a bit of a fight.”

If Lagacé loses the battle, he will have to be out of his place around Christmas.

” I have not slept well.

North Dawn7:20Prince Rupert housing advocate faces his own eviction notice.

Paul Lagacé has worked as a housing advocate for almost a decade. For the most part, that has meant fighting on behalf of those facing unjust eviction. But now the lawyer and coordinator of the Prince Rupert Unemployed Action Center is at risk of being evicted from his Prince Rupert apartment. 7:20

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