It’s for The senses. Cory Booker and Bob Menendez, both DNJs, Chuck Schumer, DN.Y. ; Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. ; and others who support large-scale student debt cancellation.

I object to this reckless nonsense for the following reasons:

  • – You cannot add new spending programs when we need to borrow to finance existing ones.
  • If you believe in the student loan program, you will destroy it by showing that you don’t have to pay back the loans. The program will become unlimited.
  • – Millions of people have been responsibly thrifty and have paid or repaying loans while making sacrifices along the way. How can you denigrate this responsible conduct and reward those who are not as financially disciplined or who have made bad personal decisions in their pursuit of education? Parents who have worked multiple times and also sacrificed themselves to enroll their children in college without going into debt cannot be ignored either.

I have a suggestion. Pass legislation that rewards good behavior, in this case, appropriate tax incentives for those who pay off their student debt each year.

Finally, with a debt forgiveness mindset, where do you draw the line? Are we giving up auto loans? Cell phones bought on credit? Mortgages? Credit card loans?

The cash register is empty. Senators, please conduct yourself in a much more fiscally responsible manner.

Fred Lash, Denville

The “crawling” capitalists have destroyed the middle class

There was a time in America when the capitalists understood the need to be socially responsible. Then crawl like Carl Icahn discovered he could make billions buying stocks in companies, break them down and kill the good jobs.

This has led Wall Street to glorify CEOs like (late former CEO of General Electric) Jack Welch, who mastered the art of short-term results management. This, in turn, led to the end of corporate-funded private pensions and significant social benefits.

But, nothing was good enough to satisfy the greed of Wall Street. So the middle class is dead, aided by the infamous duo of Donald Trump and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and their tax breaks for the ultra rich.

Paul Mahler, Pompton Plains

Of course, MEN want more access to abortion

In today’s environment where people are held accountable for their actions, I was flabbergasted by the recent opinion piece, “Why men should support expanding access to abortion.

Of course, the two MEN – Brandon McCoy and Oren Jacobsen – who wrote the article want better access to abortion as men can avoid taking responsibility for getting a woman pregnant.

It is no coincidence that some abortions are forced by the man who participated in the pregnancy. The authors write how unfair it is to limit access to abortion and how this negatively impacts the family and the community.

What is never discussed by abortion advocates is the life of the unborn baby, who is not the same person as the mother, but a separate and unique human being with all that he wants. takes in its DNA to develop to full maturity as an adult.

The law on the freedom of reproduction, as introduced in the New Jersey legislature, Is it that Doesn’t prevent anyone from getting pregnant but instead legalizes the death of the unborn baby without any restrictions at the end of the term. As a civilized society, we should support women’s health, but killing an innocent baby, even if it’s unplanned, isn’t health care, that’s… all you want.

Gérard Kaufhold, Budd Lake

Deaths of police officers at the Capitol already forgotten

I keep looking for new articles detailing what happened to the three officers who died after the assault on Capitol Hill on January 6. I can’t find anything newer than January 28 regarding the details. Will we ever learn exactly what happened to them?

More than 100 police officers were injured or killed by the mob that Donald Trump instigated to invade our Capitol in their horrific attempt to prevent the transition of power after Trump lost the election.

South River military veteran Brian Sicknick has died after treacherous rioters mercilessly beat out outnumbered officers.

In the following days, two fellow police officers died in what authorities called suicide. Capitol Police Officer Howard Liebengood and Washington Metropolitan Police Officer Jeffery Smith lost their lives following the attack. Did they suffer any brain damage that led directly to their so-called suicides? “

Who among the bloodthirsty rioters, besides the former president, should now be charged with murder for the murder of these three men? Like Sicknick, Liebengood and Smith also deserve top honors. They should be remembered as having been killed in the line of duty, and they should be laid to rest in the Capitol of our nation, which they loved and defended with their lives.

Neil Vincent Scheck, Belmar

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