ISLAMABAD: With the new incorporation of 1,949 new companies in July, the total number of registered companies in the country reached 147,842. About 99 percent of these companies were registered online.

Due to the advanced online systems implemented by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), 43 percent of companies were registered on the same day and 175 foreign companies were registered abroad.

The July constitution includes 66 pc of limited liability companies, 31 pc of single member companies and 3 pc of unlisted public companies, non-profit associations and limited liability companies.

The total paid-up capital of these newly formed companies in July was over Rs 2.7 billion.

The construction and real estate sector took the lead with the incorporation of 313, commerce with 279, IT with 243, services with 178, e-commerce with 117, food and beverage with 76, education with 63, textiles with 57, corporate agriculture with 56, pharmaceutical with 52, engineering with 51, tourism with 40, health care with 39, mining and quarrying with 38, transport and, market and development with 27 each, logging and power generation with 24 each, automotive and ally, and fuel and power with 23 each, chemicals and communications with 21 each, cables and electrical products with 18, radio and television broadcasting, and cosmetics and toiletries with 14 each, paper and cardboard, and steel and alloys with 13 each, and 85 companies were registered in other sectors.

The highest number of 645 companies was registered in Islamabad, followed by 634 and 294 companies registered in Lahore and Karachi respectively.

Posted in Dawn, August 7, 2021

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